jueves, 31 de mayo de 2007

EBBP#7: Childhood Sweets from Sweden!

This week I've been looking into my mail box almost three times a day! I was waiting for this parcel sooo much! And this morning, it was there!!!!!! I ran into my apartment with the green envelope... I was soooo excited!!!!
And there you go! These are the sweet things that Dagmar sent me from Sweden!
I will try to explain all of them:

There are strawberry laces, marshmallow cars, Daim chocolates (regular and capuccino), salty liquorice monkeys (I promise: I'll try it!), Double Dip (in Spain that's "pica pica"), chocolate with hazelnuts (mmmh, chocolate!), chocolate filled wafers (mmmh, more chocolate!), toffee filled chocolate (yum!), fruit and violet candies (that's exotic), fruit vinegums, wild chips (dried meat from elk, reindeer and deer), a lollipop, chocolate cigarrettes (that brings Christmas memories to me), a candy necklace (I loved it when I was a little girl!), icehockey powder (I'm so curious about that...) and salted melon seeds (I used to eat them fresh, but these salty ones are sure lovely)

Thank you very much, Dagmar!
And Thank you Johanna for hosting that great event!!!!


7 comentarios:

  1. I'm so glad that the parcel arrived safe (and very quick, I sent it on Tuesday evening). I hope that you'll enjoy the sugar overload :-)

    Take care!

  2. Thanks again, Dagmar!
    It will take a while to try everything :-)

  3. mmmmmm. Swedish sweeties look like so nice! Can I taste them, too?? You´re very lucky having friends like Dagmar. :)


  4. You are right, María! It's great to participate in this kind of events and meet people from all over Europe! And I think there are some sweets left in the kitchen drawer, if you hurry up, you may get some! ;-)

  5. I've never had cappucino-Daims - need to check out the shops if they sell them here (love the regular ones). As for the wild meat chips - they sound wonderful, too!
    Great parcel!!

  6. Pille, I think the Capuccino-Daims thing was a limited edition.
    And thank you for your comment!

  7. oh my god, I was talking to my sister about childhood sweets and we had a 'nostalgic chat'.

    We were talking about pineapple rock, and pear drops and saying we didnt know many places that sell them anymore.

    I remember when my nan used to take me to the sweet shop at the end of the road and get a scoop of flying saucers and lace! Its amazing that a smell or taste of a sweet will transport you back to your childhood!